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Transform your business operations with our user-friendly HRIS to help you boost HR management efficiency.

Why Choose EZlife?

EZlife HRIS is easy to use and adaptable.

Our web app values simplicity and flexibility to your company’s needs, ensuring a smooth experience for your HR. EZlife simplifies tasks like managing employee records, tracking attendance, and handling payroll, to reduce errors and unnecessary operational expenses.

Easily integrate Biometrics with your HRIS.

By integrating biometrics into your HRIS, HR operations are more efficient and secure. This convenience contributes to lessen human errors, saving you time and unnecessary operational costs.

EZlife Features

EZLife HRIS offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline your HR processes. Its adaptability to your current HR set up ensures it is a perfect fit for your company’s unique needs.





Web Self Service


Digitize employee information and upload into a centralized system.

Time Logs

Tracking work hours, calculating payroll, to help you analyze your team’s time management.

Last Pay

The web app calculates the final pay your employee receives upon leaving the company.

Employee Records

Digitize employee information and upload into a centralized system.


We ensure a convenient user experience with a customized dashboard.


Automate the process of managing employee shifts


Automate your daily time records for an efficient way to monitor and retrieve data for calculating wages. 

Other Income

Records overtime, shift differentials, bonuses, or any other additional payments an employee may receive.

Employee Requests

Approve and keep track of your employee requests to have an easy overview of workforce management. 


Have your employees manually place requests through the web app anytime from any device. 


A complete overview of your company’s employee list and information.

Payroll Multiplier

Let our HRIS automatically calculate the total cost of an employee’s compensation beyond their base salary.

13th Month

Automate your employee’s 13th month pay computation.

Payroll Reports

Our web app generates payroll reports with just one click!


Your HR team can access and approve employee requests anywhere. 


A detailed information on employee benefits can be accessed and customized.


Ensure seamless execution and monitoring of tasks for a consistent business outcome. 

Adjustments and Loans

Ensure accurate records of employee loans and salary adjustments.

Administrative Reports

A tool to understand and assess the efficiency, effectiveness of the workforce.

Daily Time Record

Employees can monitor their DTR through the web app.

Time Adjustment

Make necessary time modifications across all devices and accounts

Team Management

Easily oversee and manage your team’s attendance, payroll, shift, requests, etc. in one web app.   

Web Bundy

Use the Web Bundy in the web app to  time in or time out easily with just one click. 

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